How Green Is Cardboard Vape Cartridge Packaging?

Most people demand brands to supply the products in ecological packaging. Every brand considers this fact an essential one. In this facet, vape companies have also become quite conscious. They tend to sustain their sales.

And therefore they prefer to use cardboard material for vape cartridge packaging. Cardboard material has greatly reduced the demand for plastic which is toxic to the environment. With the help of these boxes, you will not be only improving your brand reputation but also giving awareness to the people regarding environmental sustainability.

You can get cardboard packaging in the easiest ways as the material is made of purely organic materials. However, to construct these boxes, you need an expert. Keeping in mind the environmental factors, professional packaging companies offer you green packaging so that you will not have to face negative outcomes. Ultimately, your brand image will also get improved.

How Is Cardboard Eco-Friendly Material?

You are selling cannabis vape items and now you want to get more leverage for your business, start using cardboard material as it would not disappoint you. It is made of pure organic extracts that we will discuss later. The following traits will show how cardboard is a green solution.


Cardboard material has a long lifespan as it is made of pure wood or other organic wastes. The durability of packaging matters a lot especially when you are selling something that is consumed for a considerable time. A vape pen is not a product that you use and just throw. Rather, it can surely be used multiple times. However, one may get several vape devices to obtain a variety of flavors of e-juice. Anyhow, the product needs a durable encasement and a cardboard box can effectively fulfill the criteria.


As we know that biogenic substances are used as raw materials for cardboard production, these boxes are easily recycled up to 5 times. Let’s find out how. The old and used packaging stocks are recycled and the ink is eliminated. Then this recycled material is mixed with the virgin raw materials and a final product is obtained.

The recyclability of cardboard packaging for vape cartridges has a great impact on the decision-making of the customers. In the era where everyone considered plastic a toxic material and taking measures to get rid of it, it is high time for you to use cardboard material as it is 100% recyclable.


Now suppose if cardboard material has been recycled 5 times, you can just throw it away without worrying that it will affect the integrity of the environment. Because that is surely not the case. Cardboard is very easy to decompose and it does not leave any residues behind. Where it does not pollute the environment through marketing of manufacturing, it also does not generate chemical irritants that would harm our planet.

Resources Of Cardboard Material

Where cardboard material is easily accessible, one may also have different sources to get it. Anyone may get that raw source but to get a desired form of cardboard, you have to buy it from a relevant supplier. Because raw materials are undergone through a proper procedure and then cardboard flat sheets are obtained. Although organic fibers are the major part, different chemicals, and manufacturing agents are used to get the cardboard in a certain shape, to make it invulnerable to weather conditions, and to get a professional look. However, let’s dig into the resources that are used to manufacture cardboard stock.

Wood Pulp

The major source of cardboard is wood pulp as it is used for up to 90% of the manufacturing of cardboard boxes. Different trees such as pine and birch are used in this regard. To get cardboard boxes, natural fibers are used and wood pulp is enriched with cellulose and cotton fibers. How are cellulose fibers necessary? The answer lies in the fact that cellulose contains thread-like fibers that play the role of building blocks to manufacture cardboard paper. This wood pulp can be of two types:

  • Softwood pulp
  • Hardwood pulp

You might be thinking that if a great number of trees are cut down to obtain cardboard, then how wood pulp is an eco-friendly resource? The answer is that certain trees (pine and birch etc) that are used, are grown abundantly every year. Also, these trees are easy to replant and harvest.

Agriculture Wastes

Non-wood pulps are also a good resource of fibers. For instance, wastes and residues of different crops contain cellulose and lignin that can generate a good cardboard paper. These wastes may include:

  • Different stalks such as bamboo, cotton, rice, and wheat
  • Banana pseudo stem
  • Corn cobs
  • Ground nutshells

They are considered a very useful source of raw material as they are enriched with cellulose. These wastes can help the users to get ecological material as clean machines are used that consume less energy and do not become the source of pollution. By making use of these materials, one can easily cut down the cost of artificial alternatives.


The grass is also a good source of natural fibers. For this purpose, dried grass is used which is undergone through a manufacturing procedure. The grass is not alone used; rather its certain proportion is mixed with the virgin material and then a desired product i.e cardboard is obtained.

In some cases, grass can be a better source compared to wood pulp. This is because it contains a small quantity of lignin due to which the raw pulp can be obtained much easier. The manufacturing of cardboard from grass is highly ecological as no chemicals are used in the whole procedure and you can easily get 100% recyclable material.

Wrapping Up

Cardboard packaging has become the necessity of every product supplier. If you want to represent your vape business as a professional and responsible one, cardboard boxes are the best solution. Wood pulp and non-wood pulps are the best sources for cardboard. Cannabis vape cartridge packaging is a sustainable solution. You can get highly recyclable packaging solutions with cardboard material. By using these boxes, you can contribute as a responsible brand.


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