5 Do’s and Don’ts of Empty Vape Cartridge Packaging

The vape business has gained much limelight and becomes a popular business. However, the market competition is very high. As a vape brand, you must look for cost-effective as well as beneficial solutions. Custom vape cartridge packaging is one of those solutions that aid you in raising your sales. You get various perks in it such as different materials, custom features, templates, and designs. Also, it does not break your bank.

All you have to do is to take care of certain aspects while manufacturing packaging boxes. Because if you want to compete in the market, you have to take care of every minor detail. Every feature can affect the overall structure and function of the packaging solution so you must consider every aspect crucial and eventually you will be having a compliant solution.


Choose A Strong Packaging Material

The packaging material provides a ground on which you build your packaging solution. For your packaging strength, you have to choose a sturdy packaging material so that it will keep your vape cartridges safe from damage. For this purpose, cardboard and paperboard materials are mostly used. These materials are considered as strong and durable and so your product remains safe in these boxes. Besides, these materials are very cost-effective so you do not have to spend a lot of costs.

Focus On the Target Audience

Keep in mind the potential customers when you design the custom vape cartridge packaging. Not every design could entice every type of customer. As vape product is not only used by a particular group of people, you must focus on making the presentation attractive for most of your target audience. For this purpose, you may divide the audience into segments and then design different templates based on their interests. In this way, more people will be attracted to your product. You may also be passing the passive customers into the funnel of active ones.

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Inform The Audience

You must inform the customers about your product. It might not be an essential feature when it comes to the regular customers as they usually do not pay attention to details the fact that they already know about the product and are satisfied with it. But product details are surely a crucial aspect for new customers as they want to know about the product before spending their hard-earned money on it. So, printing product details such as its usage, flavor specification, net weight, etc is an essential factor.

Market Your Brand

You are spending a certain part of your budget on the packaging and you are not working on making it an excellent marketing solution, does it worth it? A big NO. You must get the most out of your packaging and increase your brand recognition. For this purpose, print your brand identity in which logo design is the most important thing. You may also print your brand name and slogans to represent your business professionally. Choose vibrant colors and attractive view prints to include these details so that customers would take interest in your brand.

Get A Professional BuilderĀ 

Multiple packaging companies are out there that are offering different packaging solutions with different packages. They offer different custom features at a certain cost. You must get a builder who puts you first and offer you features that are beneficial for your business. A professional builder knows how to manufacture a winning solution for your business so that you won’t regret your spending. He offers you convenience and flexibility in manufacturing as well as in shipping.


Do Not Compromise the Quality of The Packaging

The product packaging tends to showcase your brand effectively. So, you must not compromise on its quality. Choose what is best for your product. Vape cartridges have e-juice in them that contains a certain flavor. To retain the quality of taste and aroma, you must choose a sturdy encasement for your vape cartridges.

Avoid Making a Complicated Packaging Design

You must not complicate the design rather keep it simple when you are designing the cardboard packaging boxes otherwise it will convey vagueness and the customers may not get what the product is about. The chances are low that the customer would pick up the product and read the description because, in this fast era, people do not have much time to read out the description of every product being displayed on the shelf. So, you must not make the design complicated that the actual message will get hidden.

Refrain From Adding Irrelevant Details

Indeed your packaging solution can work as a good salesman. However, people usually don’t like to listen to much chatter from a salesman while buying stuff so you must also not make your vape box more like a chatterbox. Rather you focus on adding only relevant and precise details so that the customer will not get irritated with your product.

Do Not Complicate the Typography

When you get onto the printing stage, you must not avoid the typography but rather focus on making it simply elegant. For this purpose, choose a simple font style and size so that it won’t make the details difficult to read. Similarly, you must wisely choose colors and hues. Prefer to use vibrant contrasts so that every detail will be more clear and readable.

Do Not Hire a Builder Without Research

Hiring a packaging builder is surely not a piece of cake. This job may take time so you have to be patient while choosing a good builder from a big pool. First, you must properly research and then decide based on the following factors.

  • Easy order procedure
  • Reasonable price range
  • Various custom features
  • Meet deadlines
  • Faster turnarounds
  • Safe and free shipping


To get a remarkable solution of empty vape cartridge packaging, you must take care of the beneficial factors. Also, you must not avoid the things that can ruin your packaging solution. Use a sturdy material, manufacture a unique design, and print enticing visuals, and details. Ultimately, people will take interest in your product and your sales rate will be improved.


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