Centricity Software Review

Centricity software has a user-friendly interface and can be customized to fit a doctor’s practice style. Features include handwriting recognition, voice recognition, and real-life terminology. The software can adapt to the user’s practice style to provide the most convenient experience for both doctors and patients. Physicians and patients can benefit from a self-service portal that allows them to manage appointments, make payments, and save internal notes. They can also set up patient alerts and receive phone calls. For additional assistance, Centricity offers phone support, Monday through Friday during business hours. In addition to telephone support, the company’s online service portal allows medical professionals to share knowledge with other doctors and users.


MEDITECH EHR centricity offers on-premise medical record software that provides clinical charting for healthcare professionals. This software is recognized by Klas as the best EHR for 2021 in several categories. It provides easy-to-use tools to physicians to view patients’ vital signs, lab results, and medication information. In addition, it allows for electronic transmission of files and printing. In addition, it is HIPAA-compliant.

In addition to the MEDITECH EHR, there are other leading EHR providers. For example, Epic Systems is one of the pioneers of electronic health records. The company’s EHR is primarily designed for academic medical centers, community hospitals, and multi-specialty groups. Its software was ranked the best EHR in its largest segment for five consecutive years by KLAS. As a privately-held company, it has an excellent history of innovation and has multiple career opportunities available.

Other EHR systems offer features to help physicians better manage patients. For instance, the auto-texting feature helps reduce clinician workloads and ensures accuracy. The software also provides voice recognition and code words, which ease privacy concerns and reduce staff costs. In addition, Meditech EHR enables clinicians to securely access patient vitals, lab reports, medication information, and health history. This feature is particularly helpful for physicians who spend a significant amount of time in the ICU.

MEDITECH EHR and Centricity software are highly compatible with each other. OnBase offers an extensive range of integration methodologies and supports HL7 messaging and other non-programmatic approaches. Both solutions are relatively affordable and offer several benefits. With the ease of integration, the OnBase solution has been successfully implemented in numerous Meditech environments, including Magic and a variety of EHRs. MEDITECH EHR centricity software is highly recommended for small to midsize practices and larger organizations alike.

Centricity EHR also offers patient portal functionality and integration with Practice Management platforms. Despite being moderately comprehensive, Centricity EHR is ideal for small to medium sized practices. While Epic EMR is a robust platform aimed at large health organizations with multiple specialist teams, it is also a reliable and flexible solution for hospitals with different specialists. It includes a variety of screens and workflows for specialty care and offers integrated billing and health insurance administration options. In addition, it allows physicians to work across health provider organizations.

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In addition to being HIPAA-compliant, Meditech EHR centricity software is easy to use. Its streamlined interface makes it simple to implement and maintain. Additionally, the software allows clinicians to administer accurate medications, scan arm bands, and manage patient records. Monthly downtime is detrimental to the care of patients. During downtime, doctors must do extra work documenting and transferring patient information.


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