Felicia Leatherwood’s Hair Tools Are Designed To Make Wash Day Easy

Among Hollywood stars like Ava Duvernay, Issa Rae, Jill Scott, Anthony Anderson — and that’s just the beginning — Felicia Leatherwood is known as the “hair murmur.” Her standing is very much procured and supported by her hearty program of clients, numerous years in the business, and an honor winning detangling brush, a staple in numerous wavy hair schedules. “It gives me pleasure to make hair basics that can give straightforwardness and festivity to the finished hair local area,” Leatherwood tells me. “I sent off Brush With the Best and the Detangler Brush since I felt like individuals with type three and four hair needed more apparatuses to use for their surfaces.”

The outcome of Brush With the Best roused Leatherwood to grow her realm with another scope of items intended to make your wash day simple. “I needed to simplify it for individuals to deal with their hair,” Leatherwood says. This straightforwardness enlivened extension incorporates another arrangement of devices, including a silicone cleanser rub brush, flaxseed profound molding hat, microfiber towel, and a remarkable twist schedule. With the progress of Leatherwood’s detangling brush, I needed to check her new apparatuses out. Peruse ahead for my fair audit.

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My Current Hair Care Routine

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I’ve as of late restored my twists from coloring them blonde for quite some time. I attempt to reference the rudiments of the LOC technique during wash day and use Olaplex no. 3 for additional reparative advantages. I additionally concede I ordinarily skirt profound molding, which I know is a fundamental stage to keeping up with sound hair and scalp.


2-in-1 Silicone Shampoo Massage Brush With Shampoo Dispenser

Studio portrait of a beautiful girl Studio portrait of a beautiful girl beautiful hair stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images
The 2-in-1 Silicone Shampoo Massager advances better hair, peels, increments blood course, and can be joined with your number one cleanser. Prior to testing Leatherwood’s new assortment, I hadn’t attempted a silicone scalp massager, yet I was anxious to try it out. Not at all like most scalp massagers available, this one has a removable spout that you can use to pour your number one cleanser. I utilized Brigeo’s Don’t Despair, Repair Hair Shampoo, and added water prior to rubbing into my head. I adored that the scalp massager worked twofold chance to profound clean my scalp.

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Brush With the Best Detangler Brush

In the wake of washing my cleanser, I adapted and detangled my hair with Leatherwood’s honor winning detangler brush. This brush is cherished for its capacity to detangle and separate twists and it didn’t frustrate.


Flaxseed Bonnet For Deep Conditioning

I was generally anxious to attempt this flaxseed cap out of the relative multitude of new items. Dissimilar to some molding covers, which might require an outer instrument for heat, this one is microwaveable. I covered my hair with the Briogeo Don’t Despair, Repair Rice Water Protein+ Treatment, tossed on a plastic cap (which accompanies the hat), and afterward popped it in the microwave for two minutes. The hood was warm and felt incredibly alleviating to my scalp, and was extremely durable around my hairline. I was stressed the conditioner would dissolve and dribble down to my face during the cycle, yet the versatile band kept everything secure inside the cap.

Delicate Microfiber Towel

Subsequent to washing out the profound conditioner, I covered my hair with the microfiber towel. The plan makes it simple to fold your hair and move over while it dries. While I’m not awesome at the wrapping procedure it actually took care of business.

Brush With The Best Curl Calendar

This is whenever I’ve first at any point seen a twist schedule. It came overlaid with a marker and guidelines to assist with monitoring your profound molding days. I was unable to sort out where to hang this in my restroom, however I believe it’s an extraordinary asset to help screen and remain coordinated with your hair medicines on the off chance that you’re anticipating focusing on serious areas of strength for a.


The Results

Subsequent to integrating these apparatuses into my wash day, I saw more definition than expected. My twists were sparkling, fun, and had a pleasant hold to them. My time was very much spent following Leatherwood’s routine, and it filled in as a sign of the outcomes I can accomplish by being more purposeful with my cycle.

The Value: Budget-Friendly

In any case, assuming that you’re hoping to get them all, it could run you more than $100. Prior to shopping, I would figure out what your twists need most and what you’d utilize. For instance, I adored Leatherwood’s detangling brush, however I additionally have many brushes. Nonetheless, the flaxseed hat feels worth having numerous close by since it increases the value of my routine.


Comparable Products: There Are Options, But Different Functions

Flaxseed Bonnet: While you might have your favored procedure and apparatuses for profound molding, flaxseed hoods could game-change. Hot Head ($35) is the “first” microwaveable flaxseed hood and has been wavy hair endorsed for some time.

Microfiber Towel: Microfiber towel choices are plentiful, however finding the ideal decision relies upon your hair type and schedule. You can find them at mass retailers like the Turbie Twist ($29) on Amazon. DevaCurl likewise offers a comparative choice ($22) accessible at Sephora. The main thing to remember is picking a sufficiently long towel to wrap your hair and one that has sufficient covering so water won’t splash through.

Twist Calendar: This was a specialty item, and I was unable to track down an excessive number of choices. Her schedule is extraordinary in light of the fact that it can direct you on the most proficient method to move toward your hair care routine week after week. It’s additionally reusable on account of the cover. Etsy highlights a scope of schedules with an organizer part added, yet on the off chance that you’re only searching for one unambiguous concentration, such as following your profound molding therapies, a designated schedule like Leatherwood’s strength be useful.

Last Verdict: Leatherwood’s new assortment is intended to raise your hair schedule. I think the flaxseed hood is the high priority item from her new line since it requires low exertion however has a tremendous effect. These devices are significant for further developing your normal hair care schedule, and all have an instructive part that can fundamentally impact the manner in which you approach your wash day or profound molding.


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