Five Cricketers With The Most Runs In The Border-Gavaskar Trophy

The much-anticipated four-Test series between India and Australia will go ahead. After COVID-19, cricket is still getting better all over the world. This year’s competition for the Border-Gavaskar trophy will start on December 3 at the Gabba in Brisbane, Australia. The trophy will be up for grabs between India and Australia. In this series, India and Australia will also play their very first test match that takes place both during the day and at night. It will also be the first time India has ever played a day-night test outside of their own country.

Even though there is still a long way to go in the series, cricket experts have already started making predictions and giving their thoughts on the highly anticipated showdown between the two powerhouses in cricket. The annual cricket game between India and Australia is now called the Border-Gavaskar Trophy. This name was given to it in 1996. This name is still being used today. India and Australia only played each other in a total of 49 tests between 1947 and 1996. There have been 14 competitions for the Border–Gavaskar Trophy between 1996–1997 and 2018–2019.

Former players from both teams have said that the rivalry between the two teams is the Ashes. In a recent interview, Brett Lee said a lot of the same things and one can see this via best cricket videos.

So, what is it about India vs. Australia series that makes it so interesting? First of all, there has been nothing but great hitting in the whole history of the series. During this series, there have been several great batting performances. Sachin Tendulkar’s not-out 241 in Sydney in 2004, VVS Laxman’s epic 281 at the Eden Gardens in 2001, and Michael Clarke’s mesmerizing 329* in Sydney in 2012 are a few that stand out.

Look at the top run-scorers in the border-gavaskar trophy from 1996 to the present day. Here are the names of the top run-scorers:

Sachin tendulkar has scored 3,262 runs (1996-2013) –

The legendary batsman Sachin Tendulkar scored a huge number of runs for the team he played for when he played cricket. Throughout his career, Sachin was able to show how good he was at hitting against many different teams. Sachin, on the other hand, loved the chance to see how his skills stacked up against those of his Australian teammates, whether the game was in India or Down Under. Between 1996 and 2013, the legendary batsman played 34 matches against Australia, scoring a total of 3,262 runs. This is the most in the history of the Border-Gavaskar Trophy. Sachin batted a total of 65 times, scoring 9 hundred and 16 half-centuries, which were the most by any batsman in the bilateral series. His batting average of 56.24 was very good. 

Ricky Ponting’s total number of runs were 2555. (1996-2012) –

Most people agree that Australian Ricky Ponting is one of the best players of all time. During his time in the game, Ponting was also a world-class captain. Most of Ponting’s matches ended in wins, but he saved his best performance for when he played India. On the other hand, it was hard for him to get used to how people lived in India. Pointing has scored 2,555 runs against India throughout 51 innings. This puts him in second place on the list of all-time top run scorers in bilateral series.

VVS Laxman scored 2,434 runs in all (1998-2012) –

VVS Laxman’s game was on a whole different level when he played against the Australians. Laxman took part in 29 Border-Gavaskar Trophy games between the years of 1998 and 2012. During that time, he hit 2,434 runs, which put him in third place among batters who have hit the most runs in the series. Laxman was almost always a challenge for the way the Australians bowled, no matter if the game was in India or the antipodes. Laxman enjoyed playing against the Australians, as shown by the fact that he had a batting average of 49.67 against them, with six hundred and twelve scores of fifty or more. Indian fans will never forget how shocked they were when their team beat the other team in the Kolkata Test in 2001 after the Australians had asked them to bat second. 

 Rahul Dravid scored a total of 2,143 runs (1996-2012) –

Even though he scored more than 13,000 runs in his Test career, Rahul Dravid has a soft spot for Australian spinners. This famous Indian cricket player, who was known as “The Wall,” loved the challenges that the Australians brought to the game his whole life. Dravid played in 32 tests against Australia between 1996 and 2012. During those games, he scored a total of 2,143 runs. When the Australians came to India to play, Dravid them a lot because he was one of the few Indian batters to do well outside of India. Dravid was one of India’s best batters. He did best on the fast, bouncy pitches of Australia, where he had a batting average of 43.96, which was higher than his average when he played on Indian soil. 

 Michael Clarke has gotten 2,049 runs (2004-2014) –

Michael Clarke was a great batsman who did well in Australia and was also a big threat to India in the subcontinent. He is the first player in Border-Gavaskar Trophy history to score 300 runs. Clarke is now seventh on the list of batters who have scored the most runs in the Border-Gavaskar Trophy. He has scored 2,049 runs against India. Between 2004 and 2014, in 22 matches against India, the great batsman and former Australian captain scored a lot of runs while keeping a great batting average of 53.92. He beat the Indians not only in his own country but also in India. Clarke was able to get runs pretty easily. By the end of his time in India, he had 972 runs at an average of 40.50. This number was made up of three centuries and four decades starting in the 1950s. 


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