How to make an Epoxy Resin Table Tops?

At present, it is not uncommon to use conventional building materials in completely new directions. So, plaster is used to create smooth and durable surfaces is used for artistic and decorative purposes. From epoxy resin – a means for gluing various surfaces, you can make a unique table, and with your own hands.

Epoxy resin tables – advantages

Epoxy resin is a synthetic mass with which to glue, laminate, and fill various types of surfaces. This is a great material, thanks to the properties of which it is possible to create masterpieces on small and large surfaces. The Epoxy resin table top is also made using epoxy casting.

The pour itself is a two-component mixture, which includes resin and hardener. After drying, the filling is able to retain its original volume. The surfaces are covered with a transparent layer evenly without cracks and bulges. Epoxy can turn various surfaces into works of art.

Drawings, ornaments, and decorative elements covered with resin look like a 3D effect as if they were made to order.

Epoxy resin tables have the following advantages:

  • the coating dries without shrinkage, resulting in a product with a smooth surface;
  • after processing, the surface becomes resistant to damage: impacts, cuts, chips;
  • has good moisture resistance, which is important for kitchen furniture;
  • she is not afraid of the substances that make up cleaning products;
  • there is resistance to ultraviolet radiation;
  • not whimsical in cleaning with household chemicals;
  • great and impressive look.

Which resin to choose?

There are many varieties of epoxy resin. It costs differently. To get a good result, you should not look for the price as cheap as possible.

Choose an epoxy that is clear and will not cloud over time or change color. Such requirements are met by expensive resins. Often they are represented by special categories of epoxy resins used in working with table s.

Different types of epoxy are poured in appropriate ways. Some varieties make the first layer very small, and the next one is applied in a day. The entire surface is poured in layers, it can take a week to work. And there are resins that are poured once with a layer of great thickness.

For those who are going to make a do-it-yourself epoxy resin table at home for the first time, you should choose resins that are poured into a thin layer. Then it will be easier to avoid the formation of insidious bubbles. There are people who like this effect. To tint the resin, resort to the use of special dyes. If layer-by-layer pouring is to be carried out, the dye must be diluted in one component before adding the hardener. In this way, color uniformity is achieved.

Wood selection, base cleaning, sanding

An important step in making an epoxy resin table in Calgary at home with your own hands is choosing the right wood. Wood drawings should appear brightly, then the result of the work will be more spectacular.

The wood should be in the form of an unedged board-type surface, represented by expensive tree species. A dry and seasoned surface is welcome. Saw cuts with sufficient thickness and interesting edges are allowed. They are called slabs, unlike other building materials. The main requirement for them is the passage through a chamber drying.


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