Is Google Cloud free to learn?

Google Cloud Platform is an efficiently managed cloud computing service that Google offers. In 2008, the platform was launched and offered a wide range of storage, computing, and application development services.

The Google Cloud Services can be accessed by numerous professionals, including cloud administrators, software developers, and other IT professionals. If you are keen to Learn the Google Cloud Platform, you should consider enrolling in Simplilearn.

Simplilearn offers a free online course where the Google Cloud Platform is introduced. Here, in this course, enthusiasts can efficiently learn the fundamentals of Google Cloud. Since Google Cloud can be learned for free, you shouldn’t have any second thoughts.

Today, this article will discuss the Google Cloud Platform in detail. Further, we will discuss the primary reasons for learning and becoming familiar with this platform. Let’s get rolling.

Google Cloud Platform – Overview of the online course

GCP, or Google Cloud Platform, is a set of cloud computing services that Google provides. It runs on the same infrastructure that Google uses for its end-user products. Some include Google Search, YouTube, Computer Engine, Gmail, and more.

This free course from Simplilearn enables you to learn the Google Cloud Platform seamlessly. Besides, you can also gain an understanding of its basics, such as web hosting and other critical services available through GCP.

The course has a time limit of 4 hours and is incorporated with self-paced video lessons. You get a minimum of 90 days of access to this free course. And once you have completed the Google Cloud Platform course, you will receive a completion certificate.

Who is Google Cloud Platform designed for?

Numerous professionals can learn the free course on the Google Cloud Platform. Some of them include the following:

  • Developers
  • System Administrators,
  • Cloud Professionals
  • Automation Engineers

What skills will you Learn from the Free Course on the Google Cloud Platform?

The skills you learn from this free course are:

  • GCP Web hosting
  • GCP Basics
  • Google Cloud ML

What is covered in the Google Cloud Platform course?

Here, we have made a comprehensive listing of all the segments that are covered in this free course:

  • Introduction to GCP
  • What is Google Cloud Platform?
  • Benefits of Google Cloud
  • Google’s Infrastructure
  • AWS vs Azure vs GCP
  • Domino’s Pizza Use Case
  • Services of Google Cloud
  • AWS vs GCP
  • Google Cloud Platform Web Hosting

Once all of the above sections are covered, you will receive a completion certificate. You can then consider sharing it with prospective employers and your professional network on LinkedIn.

Compelling reasons to Learn Google Cloud Platform

Some of the most commendable reasons to consider learning Google Cloud Platform are:

●       Excellent flexibility and scalability

Google offers an excellent feature to scale services as per the requirement. It helps in reducing cost, thereby increasing efficiency.

●       Immensely easy to use

Since Google Cloud Platform hosts a simple and easy-to-use interface, it is expanding its wings. You can even get access to the entire Google Cloud Platform only by creating a Google account.

●       Global architecture

GCP is a global leader that provides Cloud services. The platform is famous for its enormous services and 24*7 availability.

●       Specialized services

There is a wide range of high-performing services, including Storage, Compute, IoT, Databases, Security, Management Tools, etc. These services are designed with great care and per the demands and requirements of businesses.

●       Serverless technology

Since GCP is a serverless technology, it works as an ultimate boon for developers. There are, in fact, constant updates, upgrades and addition of new features to all the provided services. Thus, developers can efficiently focus only on the development part of the application.

●       Consistency and reliability

GCP is regarded as the most reliable and consistent cloud computing platform, providing on-demand services. So customers can seamlessly build and manage their websites by making the best use of them. Moreover, reliability is the unique selling point of GCP.

●       Cloud security

All data present within the Google Cloud Platform remains encrypted. So, users can rest assured that all of their data is completely safe and secure. It also provides Identity and Security services, including Cloud data prevention API.

●       Best pricing

In the case of pricing, Google Cloud is way ahead of its competitors. And you can seamlessly set up your account without having to pay anything. There are numerous free credits that you can explore while learning GCP.

●       Credible certifications

Google offers multiple certifications to all aspirants who look forward to their future in the cloud domain. The certifications of GCP are divided into three separate levels, including:

  • Foundation Level
  • Associate Level
  • Professional Level

Is Learning Google Cloud Platform worth it?

Google Cloud Platform is undoubtedly one of the finest platforms for learning various programs. It can fundamentally be used as a supplement to formal education. After AWS, Google Cloud certifications hold a much greater value. And in the present-day world of cloud computing, a cloud certification will give you a better edge in your career.

Ever since IaaS solutions began to gain traction in 2008, both Google Cloud Platform and AWS have dominated Cloud Computing. As per the current scenario, Cloud Computing is one of the fastest-growing industries.

While the Google Cloud Platform is gaining massive popularity, the shortage of highly skilled developers is clearly visible. Thus, it is the perfect time to start learning both Google Cloud Platform and Cloud Computing.

To conclude,

You should know that Google Cloud Platform is a robust and dedicated player within the cloud computing market. This is because of the consistent delivery of both customer value and capabilities. Google Cloud Platform is also capable of holding power.

Most importantly, it is known to sustain the market with remarkable technology, innovation, expansion, and growth. Google Cloud Platform keeps on renovating all the technologies and features. It also finds several unique methods that can be incorporated within the services.

So, irrespective of being a beginner or a professional, the Google Cloud Platform is always an ideal choice. And to make your future bright, hip and happening, you should consider acquiring GCP certifications.


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