Learn All About Cidsound ls31 Wireless

Sound is an incredibly important part of any digital product. It can help you create a positive customer experience, keep your users informed about updates and changes, and more. That’s why it’s so important to have good sound in your videos, posts, and other content. Fortunately, Cidsound ls31 Wireless gives you the ability to produce high-quality audio without having to invest in expensive equipment or hire professional audio engineers. 

What is Cidsound ls31 Wireless?

Cidsound ls31 Wireless is a great audio solution for both home and small business use. With amazing sound quality, this product gives users the ability to enjoy high-quality music without any wires. Additionally, the cidsound  wireless features easy setup that makes it perfect for anyone who wants an easy way to get started with their audio experience.

Features of Cidsound ls31 Wireless

Cidsound Wireless is a professional digital audio workstation. It has an 8-core AMD Processor and 12GB of RAM. This makes it great for multitasking, and it also comes with an extensive feature set. Some of the features that make this device stand out include its AUX input and output, its USB port, and its headphone output. The cidsound wireless is also backwards compatible with older devices, making it a great choice for musicians who want to upgrade their audio equipment without having to replace everything.

How to connect Cidsound ls31 Wireless

If you want to enjoy high fidelity audio wirelessly, the Cidsound LS31 is the perfect choice. This wireless speaker is easy to set up, and provides crystal clear sound. It also comes with a built-in amplifier, so you can crank up the volume without sacrificing quality.

1) Connect your LS31 to an electrical outlet using the included power cord.

2) Open the speaker’s case and insert the included Bluetooth 4.0 LE dongle into the speakers’ USB port.

3) Turn on your Bluetooth device and search for “Cidsound” in your device’s list of available networks.

4) Once you find Cidsound’s network, enter its password (default is “LS31”).

5) You should now be connected to Cidsound’s network! The next time you turn on your LS31, it will automatically connect to its respective devices and start playback.


In this article, we have looked at cidsound wireless and its features. We have also given our opinion on whether or not it is a good decision to buy it. At the end of the article, we have provided a link to the official website so that you can read more about this product.


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