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George Morlan plumbing supply Company is a plumbing supplies distributor. In addition to supplying quality products to both residential and commercial customers, the company offers exceptional customer service. Learn More

George Morlan plumbing supply has helped thousands of homeowners get their homes back in shape since 1987. They’ve been around long enough to earn some good advice and tips on how they got started and how to stay ahead of the competition.

The plumbing supply company, George Morlan, has been in business for over 100 years and has earned its reputation as one of the leading plumbing supply retailers.

George Morlan plumbing supply

George Morlan has been the owner of this plumbing supply business for 28 years. He has been in the plumbing supply industry for 30 years. He has made it his mission to help the average homeowner find the best quality products at the most affordable prices. George has been an outstanding role model for the people who have worked with him over the years. He has been very open and honest about his methods and has shared with his customers his philosophies and beliefs. Read More

 What Does George Morlan plumbing supply Offer?

What does Wallington offer? They’re a plumbing supply company that specializes in high-quality products. We can tell this because they offer customers a full range of plumbing supplies and solutions, such as water heaters, toilets, sinks, faucets, drainpipes, showers, bathroom fixtures, bathtubs, and toilets. They provide products that help save customers time, money, and energy—all while increasing the overall safety and hygiene of their homes and businesses.

 What Are Their Core Values of George Wallington Plumbing Supply?

So what are George Morlan plumbing supply core values? They are “Customer Satisfaction,” “Quality Products,” “Competitive Pricing,” “Flexible Scheduling,” “Great Service” and “Trained and Friendly Staff.” These core values are evident when visiting their website or looking through their catalog. When you see that a business has strong core values, it gives you an indication that it cares about its customers and wants to offer the best customer experience. It is important to note that a business can have any number of core values, but it is best if they share at least one for each core value category.

What Types of Customers Does George Wallington Plumbing Supply Target?

As a plumbing wholesaler, Wallington Plumbing Supply’s target customers are plumbers and pipefitters. They specialize in a wide array of products that cater to the needs of these professionals, including pipe threading tools, hand drills, and accessories like pipe cutters and brazing guns.

How can you contact Wallington Plumbing Supply?

This company uses its email list and social media accounts to keep in touch with customers and let them know when there are new products available to purchase. They also provide regular discounts and coupons, so people who are interested in the products will know about the deals before they even click through to the main website. The company also puts out a newsletter every week with tips and tricks to help save money on plumbing supplies.

George Morlan plumbing supply is open Monday through Saturday from 8am to 5pm CST. All questions and comments can be sent to info@wallingtonplumbingsupply.com or (270) 473-7000.


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