Learn All About Twitch Ad Block

Ad blockers have become increasingly popular over the past few years—and for good reason. Ads can be intrusive and annoying, sometimes even taking away from the overall user experience of a website or app. But what about Twitch? Is it possible to use an ad blocker on Twitch? The answer is yes! In this blog post, we’ll explain what Twitch Ad Block is and how you can use it to get a better streaming experience. 

What is Twitch Ad Block?

When it comes to watching videos or streams on Twitch Ad Block, one of the most annoying things can be the ads. Some users have found a way around this by using an ad blocker. There are a few different ad blockers that can be used for Twitch, but the most popular one is called AdBlock Plus.

Once you have installed the extension, it will block all ads on Twitch by default. You can also whitelist specific channels that you want to support by clicking on the “ABP” icon in your browser’s toolbar and then selecting “Filter Preferences.”

How to Twitch Ad Block

The easiest way to block Twitch ads is to use an ad blocker extension. Ad blockers are available for all major browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. Simply install the ad blocker of your choice and then add Twitch to your ad blocker’s blacklist.

If you’re using a mobile device, there are a few ad blockers available for Android and iOS devices. Once again, simply add Twitch to your ad blocker’s blacklist and you should be good to go.

If you don’t want to use an ad blocker, another option is to subscribe to Twitch Turbo. Turbo users don’t see any ads, period. It costs $8.99 per month, but it also grants you some other benefits, like access to exclusive emotes and chat badges.

Pros and cons of blocking Twitch ads

If you are a regular Twitch user, you may have considered using an ad blocker. There are a few pros and cons to consider before making the decision to block ads on Twitch.

PRO: Ad blockers can help reduce the amount of data used when streaming. This is especially helpful if you have a limited data plan or are streaming on a mobile device.

CON: Ad blockers can prevent you from seeing some of the content that you would normally see on Twitch. This includes things like announcements from Twitch Partners, new emotes, and other special content that is only available to users who do not have ad blockers installed.

PRO: Ad blockers can make streams load faster. This is because ads often add significant time to the loading process of a stream.

CON: Ad blockers can cause issues with certain features on Twitch. For example, the “Follow Train” feature may not work properly if you have an ad blocker installed. Additionally, ad blockers can sometimes cause problems with chat messages not appearing properly.

Alternatives to blocking Twitch ads

There are a few ways to avoid having to see Twitch ads. One way is to sign up for Twitch Turbo, which is a monthly subscription service that removes all ads from the platform. Another way is to use an ad blocker, which will block all ads on Twitch (and other websites) that you visit. Finally, you can try using a VPN, which will route your traffic through a server that is not subject to the same ad-targeting as your normal internet connection.

Why you should or shouldn’t block Twitch ads

There are a number of reasons why you might want to block Twitch ads. Perhaps you find them intrusive or simply don’t like watching commercials. Maybe you’re trying to save data or bandwidth, or you want to support your favorite streamers by avoiding ad-free alternatives like Twitch Turbo. Whatever your reason, there are a few ways to block Twitch ads.

If you use an ad blocker like uBlock Origin or AdBlock Plus, you can simply whitelist Twitch so that ads are not blocked on the site. If you don’t want to use an ad blocker, you can try using a browser extension like AdFender, which will block ads on Twitch and other sites. Finally, if you’re on a mobile device, you can try using an app like AdAway, which will block ads system-wide on your device.

Blocking ads on Twitch is generally considered to be a good thing. Ads can be annoying, and they can take up valuable time that could be spent watching your favorite streamers. Additionally, blocking ads supports streamers who rely on income from viewers watching their streams.


Twitch Ad Block is a great way to customize your viewing experience on Twitch and save you from the annoyance of ads. By enabling it, you can enjoy an uninterrupted stream without interruption while supporting the streamers that you love. Plus, now with Twitch’s new ‘Channel Subscriptions’ feature, viewers can take their support even further by subscribing to channels they love–


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