Pfizer Stands Only For Health

Pandemia destroyed many plans. It even managed to stop aviation logistics for a short time. There happened to be called the Black March when many aviation companies went bankrupt. The only sphere that had profit during that dark time was the gambling sphere. So if you enjoy gambling, then test your luck at the online casino real money NZ. Then Pfizer announced the vaccination. Not only Pfizer but no other medical company could make such an amazing marketing advertisement. 


Pfizer’s president for international markets admitted at a European Parliament hearing that their vaccine has never been tested for transmission of the coronavirus. That is, the belief that people should be vaccinated in order not to infect others has no grounds at the official level. What a surprise, right?  No, because the necessary data was not initially available. And therefore I despised everyone who aggressively called for “social responsibility”. It’s just that now the European Parliament dared to ask a clear question and under oath, they gave a clear answer to it, which became a sensation.

Millions of people around the world have felt compelled to get vaccinated because of the myth. The myth was that they are doing it for others. Now, this has turned out to be a cheap lie and must be exposed. That is what MEP Rob Rus said. It is especially interesting that almost all mainstream media are silent. Just think, the top manager of the first echelon of Pfizer confessed to something. Only the WHO has the truth about the coronavirus, and everything that it does not have is a lie, for which they are banned in accordance with the Covid-19 Misinformation Policies.

Notes In Media

Not on the first try, but we still managed to find a mention of this newsbreak in Reuters, the Associated Press, and the People tabloid. All of them, as if according to one manual, published fact-check articles proving the unfairness of Rob Roos’ statement. You see, he accused Pfizer of lying. But the company never claimed that its vaccine reduces the likelihood of infecting others. Reuters even puts the word “confessed” in quotation marks, saying that there is nothing to confess if there were no false statements. And why then all these coronavirus passports and another obscurantism?  And nobody knows. You yourself came up with the idea that the vaccinated are safer for society, we didn’t say that.

A bunch of politicians in the world convinced the population that the refusal to vaccinate is an anti-social decision. As a result of which the unvaccinated became one of the most discriminated groups. We mean not only state restrictions, but also public censure, up to physical attacks. However, there is still no consensus that vaccines reduce the risk of transmitting coronavirus to others. And finally, at a recent Yahoo Finance summit, Moderna’s CEO said that the coronavirus is becoming like the seasonal flu. People outside the risk group do not need annual vaccination. And, judging by the issuance of Google, this became an informational occasion only for Yahoo itself in the English-language press. 


 Let us remind you that the jointly developed vaccine from Pfizer and BioNTech was the first to receive WHO approval for emergency use. Let us also remind you that in 2009 Pfizer received a record-breaking $2.3 billion fine from the US Department of Justice for kickbacks and bribes, of which $1.3 billion went to criminal resolution. The company has since been fined a dozen more times for advertising unapproved medicines. But the last major $784 million fine was in 2016. As for other vaccines, for example, Sputnik V from Russia was not even registered.


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