The Fascinating History of Buffalo Jewelry and Loan

Buffalo Jewelry and Loan is a name that may sound familiar to anyone who has ever been in need of quick cash or has an appreciation for unique and vintage accessories. However, not many people know about the rich history behind this iconic establishment that has become a staple in Buffalo, New York. From its humble beginnings as a small pawn shop to its current status as one of the most respected and renowned jewelry stores in the country,  Jewelry and Loan’s story is truly fascinating. In this blog post, we’ll take you on a journey through time to explore the captivating tale of how this beloved institution came to be. Get ready for an intriguing read!

The History of Buffalo Jewelry and Loan

Buffalo Jewelry and Loan has a long and fascinating history dating back to the early 1800s. During this time, buffalo jewelry was used as an important form of currency. The metal was often used to purchase goods and services.

One of the earliest Buffalo jewelers was Beadle & Co., which operated from 1828-1848. This company created some of the first buffalo jewelry pieces, including turquoise earrings and necklaces.

In 1855, John D. Rockefeller founded Standard Oil in Buffalo. As a result, Rockefeller became one of the wealthiest men in America. He began investing in other businesses, including coal and oil production. One of his investments was in Beadle & Co., which he purchased in 1863.

Rockefeller’s purchase of Beadle & Co. led to a surge in demand for buffalo jewelry. The company quickly expanded its operations, creating more pieces of jewelry featuring tribal designs and pearls from South Asia.

During the late 1800s and early 1900s, Buffalo jewelry became increasingly popular among wealthy women across the United States. This is due in part to the fact that buffalo metal is lighter than other metals used for jewelry, making it more comfortable to wear over long periods of time.

In 2002, Jerry Jerome founded Jerome Jewelers in Buffalo after retiring from his career as an executive with IBM Corporation . Jerome is credited with bringing modern design principles to Buffalo jewelry manufacturing . Today, Jerome remains one of the

The Rise of Buffalo Loan

Buffalo, New York is known for its strong economy and thriving business community. It’s also known for its jewelry and loan businesses.

The city is home to one of the oldest jewelry stores in the country, Buffalo Jewelry and Loan. The store has been in operation since 1866, and it’s still family-owned and operated today.

Buffalo Jewelry and Loan is a well-known retailer not just in Buffalo, but across the United States. The store sells a wide range of jewelry, including engagement rings, wedding rings, earrings, necklaces, and more. It also offers loans to customers who want to buy jewelry or take out a loan to start their own business in the jewelry industry.

The store’s history is fascinating. In 1866, Jens Munch opened  Jewelry and Loan as a small storefront on Main Street in downtown Buffalo. At the time, there were very few other businesses in the area – most of them were related to metalworking or manufacturing.

Munch had worked as a jeweler in Denmark before coming to America, and he was determined to start his own business here. He was successful from the beginning – within two years of opening his shop, he had hired eight salesmen and was averaging $10,000 per month in revenue.

Over the years, Buffalo Jewelry  Loan has continued to grow – it now occupies three floors of an office building on Niagara Square downtown

The Fall of Buffalo Loan

In the 19th century, Buffalo was a bustling center of trade. With so many businesses and people in the city, it was only natural that jewelry and loan businesses would crop up too.

One such business was  Jewelry and Loan, which started out as just a small store on Broadway. The owners were two sisters who had experience in the jewelry industry and knew how to run a successful business.

The sisters were soon joined by their brother-in-law, who also helped manage the store. Over time, the business grew and prospered. They began to offer loans to customers as well, which made them even more popular among locals.

Throughout its history,  Jewelry and Loan has remained one of the most popular shops in town. In fact, it’s still open today – though it has since moved to a larger location on Elmwood Avenue.

The Future of Buffalo Jewelry

Buffalo jewelry has a long and fascinating history, which is still being explored today. There are many different types of jewelry made in Buffalo, including rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. The city has a rich tradition of jewelry making and manufacturing, which can be traced back to the 1700s.

During the 1800s, Buffalo became known for its fine quality jewelers’ watches. The city’s watch industry was particularly prosperous due to its location on the Great Lakes Shipping Route. In the early 1900s, Buffalo began producing diamond rings and other jewelery pieces. Today, Buffalo jewelry is still popular among collectors and fashionistas around the world.


Buffalo jewelry has a long and fascinating history, which is evident in the many different types of jewelry that are made from buffalo horn. Buffalo horn is not only beautiful and durable, but it also has an interesting story behind it. In the 1700s, buffalo were nearly extinct due to hunting and habitat loss, which led to their main source of income – selling their horns – becoming scarce. However, with the help of some enterprising individuals, buffalo jewelry began to take off as a popular fashion trend. Today, you can find Buffalo jewelry all over the world – in antique stores and online retailers alike – and there’s no telling what new styles will come out next!


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