Type 1A Hair: What It Is and How to Care for It

What Is Type 1A Hair?

Classification of hair types - straight, wavy, curly, kinky. Scheme of different types of hair. Curly girl method. Vector illustration on white background Classification of hair types - straight, wavy, curly, kinky. Scheme of different types of hair. Curly girl method. Vector illustration on white background. types of hair stock illustrations
To begin with, it’s essential to confirm that you really have type 1A hair. “One method for recognizing 1A hair is that the hair strand (breadth) is very fine and it doesn’t hold a twist, in any event, when styled with a hair curler,” says Saviano. “Type 1A hair is totally straight, no wave example to it — not in any event, when it’s wet — and more often than not it’s actual level, with no body to it.”

Normally fine and straight, one of the greatest difficulties with this hair surface is that, because of its better breadth, it is delicate and breaks effectively, as per Kingsley. “In the event that you have type 1A hair, you’ll likely notification your hair gets oily and overloaded rapidly at the root,” she makes sense of. “Individuals with type 1A hair ordinarily favor how their hair feels, looks, and acts when it’s washed regularly.”

Separating Between Type 1A and 1B Hair

Classification of hair types - straight, wavy, curly, kinky. Scheme of different types of hair. Curly girl method. Vector illustration on white background Classification of hair types - straight, wavy, curly, kinky. Scheme of different types of hair. Curly girl method. Vector illustration on white background. 2c hair stock illustrations
Type 1B hair is really the most widely recognized straight hair we see. However they are very comparable in that they are both fine hair types, there are a couple of contrasts. “Type 1B hair has considerably more body to it and it can hold a twist as a result of the regular wave to it,” Saviano says. “It’s a simpler hair type to style in various ways



How Could You Care for Type 1A Hair?

Every hair type requires its own one of a kind daily practice. This is the most ideal way to really focus on type 1A hair:

Cleanser Regularly
Individuals with normally fine hair, including type 1A hair, will generally get oily roots quicker than those with other hair surfaces. “This is on the grounds that people with fine hair have more hairs per square centimeter — and every hair has a sebaceous (oil) organ connected to it,” Kingsley makes sense of. “Subsequently, the scalp delivers more oils. As type 1A hair is fine and straight, any development of sebum overloads it without any problem. The most effective way to eliminate these overabundance oils and forestall irritation and flaccidness is to purge oftentimes — i.e., cleanser day to day to each and every other day.”

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Purchase the Right Brush
“Utilize a brush with adjusted, plastic prongs,” Kingsley says. “Pig bristle brushes can tear away segments of your hair’s external defensive layer, the fingernail skin.”

Use Volumizing Products
Great hair begins in the shower. “Volume shampoos and conditioners work best to try not to burden it,” Saviano says. “Shampoos and conditioners for fine, slim hair are suggested, and a light splash gel at the root for the body.”

Wash Gently
Try not to scour your hair when you cleanser; “All things considered, center around your scalp and tenderly get the bubbles through your mid-lengths and closures,” Kingsley says. “Flush well. Deficient flushing of cleanser is a typical reason for dull hair.”

Detangle Correctly
While working out ties, begin from your finishes, not your foundations. Kingsley makes sense of this will assist you with staying away from pointless breakage.

Maneuver carefully
“Type 1A hair ought to be dealt with cautiously with styling, shading, and trimming,” Saviano says. “Due to the measurement, it can undoubtedly break when hued and look more slender in the event that not cut right.”

Keep away from Tight Styles
“Since type 1A is fine and inclined to breakage, ensure that you put insignificant foothold on your strands when you put it up. Guarantee pig tails and twists aren’t excessively close,” Kingsley says.

What Are the Best Hairstyles and Cuts for Type 1A Hair?


Basic styles are champs for type 1A hair. “Every one of the one length, accuracy trims are the most appropriate for this sort of hair,” Saviano says. “Bangs with face-outlining additionally work without adding crown layers, since it would just make the hair more slender looking. Ideally collarbone length is generally a protected spot to begin.”

The Best Products for Type 1A Hair

Salt Spray

“The Rahua Enchanted Island Salt Spray adds volume, surface, and a delicate hold to the hair,” Saviano says. “It focuses on the roots to add lift, partition, and volume all through.”

Pre-Shampoo Treatments

Pre-cleanser reinforcing and saturating medicines are perfect for all hair surfaces, yet particularly for type 1A hair. “This is on the grounds that they don’t weigh even the best of strands down,” Kingsley says. “As they are left on for the ideal period of time, with any weighty abundance buildup then being shampooed away, they furnish type 1A hair with every one of the advantages, less the greatness that post-cleanser medicines can give. I love our saturating Elasticizer ($30) and rebuilding Bond Builder ($42) pre-cleanser medicines. Type 1A ought to cleanser two times and condition as expected subsequent to utilizing a pre-crap treatment.”


“Utilize an item once every week to eliminate development and invigorate the scalp so hair isn’t overloaded, similar to Fable and Mane’s SahaScalp Wild Ginger Purifying Scrub,” Saviano says.

Heat Protection
Fine hair is more inclined to harm from heat styling, so safeguarding it is significant. “Pick lightweight intensity defensive splashes, similar to our Perfecting Primer ($34),” Kingsley says.

Lightweight Conditioners

“Indeed, even sort 1A hair needs conditioner — try to just apply it to your mid-lengths and finishes and to utilize a lightweight recipe containing thickening proteins, similar to our Body Building Conditioner,” Kingsley says. “On the off chance that your hair is dry, don’t attempt to address this with a weighty post-cleanser conditioner or treatment. All things considered, search for a pre-cleanser treatment, similar to the Elasticizer Pre Shampoo Treatment ($30-$100), which was initially figured out for Audrey Hepburn.”
Splash Gel
“Splash gel assists with thickening the hair and delicately hold styles set up,” he says. “Area the hair and delicately spritz from roots to closes.” Oribe’s Maximista Thickening Spray ($39) is Saviano’s go-to.

Volumizing Shampoo

Saviano suggests a volumizing cleanser with spotless and normal fixings to add completion and delicately scrub, similar to the Nunzio Saviano Volume Shampoo.


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