Ukraine and Russia Conflict: Ground Realities

On top of Russia’s desire to halt NATO’s eastward expansion, the Russian attack on Ukraine could signal the beginning of a European conflict. In addition to Russia’s desire to stop NATO’s eastward expansion, the Russian attack on Ukraine could be the beginning of a conflict in Europe. An air and missile assault against Ukrainian military objectives before Russia’s invasion of Ukraine’s northern, eastern or southern borders with troops and tanks began. The Ukrainian military fought back on numerous fronts. President Volodymyr Zelenskyy issued a video statement early Friday, February 25, announcing that 137 people, including soldiers and civilians, had been killed and hundreds more had been injured.


Since Russia annexed Crimea in 2014, Ukraine has lived under constant danger of conflict with Russia. Russian claims that Ukraine is part of its country and opposes Ukraine’s growing links to the West have been a source of friction between the two countries for some time. Vladimir Putin, Russia’s president, wants to retake the former Soviet Republic.

That the Ukrainian troops put down their arms was what he asked for. Until 1991, Russia and Ukraine belonged to the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR), a 15-nation bloc.

History: The beginning of the conflict

In early 2021, tensions between Russia and Ukraine, a former Soviet country, began to grow out of hand. In January of last year, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy tipped off US Vice President Joe Biden to allow Ukraine to join the NATO military.

Russia Move

A furious Russia began moving troops to the Ukrainian border in the spring of last year for “training exercises” and increased their numbers in the fall. After Vice President Joe Biden warned Russia that penalties would be imposed if it attacked Ukraine. The United States began to exaggerate the presence of Russian forces in Ukraine.

NATO Impact

Vladimir Putin wants the US to guarantee that NATO forces will not execute military operations in Eastern Europe, particularly Ukraine unless they are legally binding. Russia’s President Vladimir Putin claims that Ukraine was never a sovereign state in the first place. And that it was always a US puppet.

Russian Claim on Ukraine

It’s not the first time Russia and Ukraine have been at odds. When pro-Putin rebels seized large areas of eastern Ukraine in 2014, Russia intervened. Since then, pro-Ukrainian separatists have been fighting the Ukrainian army.

Russian Invade

Since Russia invaded Ukraine in 2014, Ukraine’s social and cultural relations with Russia have deteriorated. Russian openly speak in Ukraine.

As soon as Ukraine’s pro-Russian president was ousted in early 2014, Russia went on the attack. Over 14,000 individuals are thought to have been killed in the east’s ongoing civil conflict.

Minsk Peace

Russia and Ukraine signed the Minsk peace accord to put an end to the bloody conflict in eastern Ukraine, particularly the Donbas region. Although Russia has stated that it will be sending “peacekeepers” to the region, the war persists. In Moscow’s eyes, it’s a ruse for taking over Ukraine,

EU Sanctions on Russia

With Russia and Ukraine at odds, which shares a border with the EU, the EU is feeling the heat. Determining sanctions against Russian enterprises is a priority for the EU. As well as for the United States and other NATO members.

French President Macron

Last month, French President Macron visited Russia to ease tensions between his country and the Russian Federation.

Final Words

The war between these two countries will lead the whole world toward a cold world War III. so, all nations should condemn this kind of war steps. Read More


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