Why does my car smell like gas?

It usually happens that we lose the joy of journey because of a bad smell in the car. It feels like the gas leakage somewhere. This smell rises from the engine and stays inside the car .This makes it miserable for some people to travel. Kids often start vomiting due to this smell. Sometimes it increases when the heater or the air conditioner in turned on in the car. That is roughly a cause of bad performance of the engine. Read More

How to avoid bad smell in your car

First of all, you should keep an eye on the condition of the engine. You should regularly check the performance of the engine. If there is some problem like the leakage or unusual consumption of the fuel. If you fill up the tanker in the morning, and find it empty without much travel; you need to consult a technician. It also happens scarcely that the smell is because of the odor of the engine mixed up with various fumes in the car. To avoid this bad smell, one must keep a refreshing fume inside the car too. Learn More

Vacuum cleaning to root out the smell in the car

One of the methods to root out bad smell from the car is vacuum cleaning. Sometimes, it happens that something is spilt on the surface or seat of the car .That becomes a source of bad smell .Vacuum cleaning helps to draw the particles out of that surface .It even helps to suck it from the fabric .Moreover, spraying a pleasant fragrance after cleaning the car can help with the bad smell.

Keeping a check on the engine

Every car owner should set a routine to get his engine checked. Oil should be regularly checked .It is necessary for the maintenance of the vehicle. It also ensures a pleasant journey. One must book an appointment with the technicians beforehand and arrange a date with them. To get ones car washed and vacuumed properly lengthens the life of the car. It saves the owner from any further problem regarding bad smell or fuel leakage in the vehicle.

How the gas smell affects the driving experience

It spoils the whole experience. People usually use different sorts of liquid perfumes, scents and certain gel fumes so that they may get rid of bad gas smell. These perfumes and scents are designed to absorb the odor and lock the particles in the atmosphere without further expanding. Moreover, inspection of the car after small intervals makes it easier to identify if there is something wrong with gas cylinder.

It also helps to know whether there is something wrong with fuel kit .It also helps to locate the problem if it lies within the sitting area of the car. It happens so that at times, kid throw the wrappers or empty containers of the edibles in the car. The owner fails to know the cause of the smell while it lays right under his seat.

So, it can be said that there are various factors that cause a bad gas smell in your car. All you need to do is remain vigilant when it comes to the keeping of your car.


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