5 walking benefits that can bring

If you’re due for an appointment Don’t be surprised when the doctor issues you a prescription for walking. This simple exercise you’ve been engaging in since you were a year old is being hailed by doctors as “the closest thing we’ve got to a miracle drug” according to the doctor. Thomas Frieden, former director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

What was the main source of inspiration that made the idea to create Walking Invention come to be?

The question is, who invented walking? Walking was invented by a man and was one of the first technological breakthroughs. A man from Africa developed walking. Humans started traveling around the world until the moon appeared. What was the motivation behind that first leap? As per the timeline, the first human to walk was around 4 million years old. This was not the case prior. There are no specifics about the first to go for a walk.

Naturally, you are aware that any exercise like walking, for example, can be beneficial to your overall well-being. However, walking is a great way to reap a myriad of advantages. Here’s five things that might surprise you.

It blocks the effects of genes that promote weight loss.

Harvard researchers studied 32 genes that promote obesity in more than 12,000 people to figure out how much they affect the body’s weight. They also discovered that among those who exercised vigorously for around an hour per day, the negative effects of these genes were cut by half.

It helps to control the craving for sweets.

Two studies conducted by University of Exeter. University of Exeter found that walking for just 15 minutes can help curb cravings for chocolate, and decrease how much chocolate you consume when you’re in stressful situations. The latest research proves that walking reduces cravings and consumption of of sweet snacks.

It lowers the chance of developing breast cancer.

Scientists have already discovered that any physical activity reduces the chance of developing breast cancer. However, one American Cancer Society study that focused on walking revealed that women who exercised for seven or more hours each week were able to reduce by 14% their chance of getting breast cancer than women who walked for three hours or less each week. Walking was a great way to protect yourself even for women who have high risk factors for breast cancer, like being overweight or taking supplemental hormones.

It helps ease joint discomfort.

A number of studies have proven that walking can reduce arthritis-related pain and that walking between five and six miles per week could help prevent arthritis from forming in the initial place. Walking can protect jointsparticularly the hips and knees that are the most susceptible to osteoarthritis by making them more comfortable and strengthening the muscles which help them.

It improves the immune system.

Walking is a great way to protect yourself in the midst of flu and cold seasons. A study that included more than 1000 women and men discovered that those who walked at least 20 minutes each day, and at least five days per week, experienced 43% fewer days off sick than those who exercised just once every week, or even less. If they did fall sick and fell ill, it was for less time while their symptoms were less severe.

You can make your workouts more innovative

It’s not necessary to complete the same thing repeatedly. The advantages are due to the ability to alter the speed and intensity.

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