A collage of your dorm room photos to represent your favorite moments!


This is your dorm room—the place where you connect with friends, the place where you learn new things, and the place where you just plain old relax. You document all of these moments in photos, and now they can be a part of your portfolio to show off to potential employers. It’s a great way to show that you have a good sense of humor and are always up for a fun laugh. Plus, it gives potential students an idea of who you are as a person.

Photos of the Day.
The day begins with a obligatory photo of the dorm room in preparation for classes. Here we see students settling in for their first day of school, getting organized, and generally looking adorable. Some might even be sleeping!

A Moment from the Day

We often depict moments from the day in photos like this one, which captures a snapshot of a moment in time that will stay with you long after the photograph is taken. This could be something as simple as waking up early to start your day or taking a walk around campus to get your bearings before class starts.
A Memory from Yesterday
Another favorite way to capture memories of the past few days is through photos taken during yesterday’s activities or moments. Sometimes all it takes is a good picture and some fun dialogue between friends to capture an interesting memory!

A picture from a Memory

One way to keep track of memorable moments is by taking pictures of them and sharing them online! You can use social media platforms like Instagram or Snapchat to capture amazing photos and experiences that you’ll never forget – perfect for representing your favorite memories on your blog or website!

A Photo from Yesterday

And last but not least, we have this sweet selfie taken just minutes ago while everyone was still asleep (or maybe just really tired!). It shows how quickly things can change during any given night while on vacation – enjoy every moment while you can!
memories of your collage dorm room party.
A memory from your dorm room can be anything from a funny story about your roommate to a moment you spent in bed together. These memories can help you remember the good times and make you laugh, which will add some extra fun to your dorm room photos.

A Moment from Your dorm room

When it comes to studying, many students find moments of laughter or relaxation helpful. Sometimes all it takes is one good laugh to brighten up a difficult class session. To capture this type of moment, take a picture of yourself in front of a funny or relaxing scene from your dorm room and post it on social media for others to enjoy.

A Picture from Your dorm room

One way to keep your dorm room looking fresh and new is by constantly updating it with fresh pictures and memories! This way, you can always have something new and exciting to look at when you walk through your door each day.
A Memory From Your dorm room
Some students prefer to keep their memories of their college days very personal—they create individualized-themed rooms complete with their favorite posters and artifacts (just like in real life). If this is something that interests you, consider taking down all the normal decor and having just one or two pieces of memorabilia (ie: photos, diplomas, etc.) in each room instead. This way, each time you visit your old place, it’ll feel like a brand new experience!
photos of people in your dorm room.
A family member in your dorm roomA friend or acquaintance in your dorm roomA stranger in your dorm room


dorm photos can be a great way to capture memories of your time at college. You can also use them to show off your friends and family, or to show off the people you met during your time at college. When photographing people in your dorm room, try to focus on their faces andPersonality. Try to capture a moment that will make you nostalgic and happy.


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