Putin Thinks, USA Is Main Threat For Russia

New Navy Doctrine

On Sunday, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a new navy doctrine that portrayed the United States as Russia’s primary adversary and outlined Moscow’s global maritime goals in strategic regions including the Arctic and the Black Sea. Read More

St. Petersburg

Tsar Peter the Great established St. Petersburg as Russia’s imperial capital, and in his speech commemorating Russia’s Navy Day, Vladimir Putin credited Peter with elevating Russia’s status on the international stage.

Zircon hypersonic cruise weapons

Putin gave a brief address after touring the navy in which he bragged about Russia’s cutting-edge Zircon hypersonic cruise weapons. He warned that Russia’s military was strong enough to defeat any attackers. Learn More

55-page Naval Doctrine

A new 55-page naval doctrine, signed by him shortly before the address, lays out the overarching strategic goals of the Russian military, including Russia’s aspirations to become a “great maritime force” with influence around the world.

According to the doctrine

According to the doctrine, the United States “strategic policy to dominate the world’s waters” and NATO’s expansion into Russia’s borders pose the greatest security threat.

Once diplomatic and economic avenues have been exhausted, the policy allows Russia to resort to military force in the world’s oceans.

Situation in Ukraine

Although Putin did not directly address the situation in Ukraine, the military doctrine calls for a “complete strengthening of Russia’s geopolitical position” in the Black and Azov seas.

Arctic Ocean

In addition, it highlighted the Arctic Ocean, which the United States has long accused Russia of wanting to the military.

Black Sea and the Caspian Sea

The Black Sea and the Caspian Sea are part of Russia’s massive 37,650 km coastline. Which also includes the Sea of Japan and the White Sea.

Admiral Gorshkov ship

Putin has promised that the Admiral Gorshkov ship will begin receiving Zircon hypersonic cruise missiles within a matter of months. He claimed they would be stationed wherever it served Russia’s interests.

A Serious Warning of Russia

The ability of the Russian fleet is crucial to this situation. Those who dare to threaten our independence. And freedom will be met with an instantaneous and devastating response.


Russia has launched the Zircon in test launches from warships and submarines over the past year, demonstrating the hypersonic weapon’s capability to travel at nine times the speed of sound.

Ukraine Target Russia-controlled Sevastopol

The Russian-controlled Sevastopol was the target of an early Sunday morning attack by Ukrainian forces. According to the governor of the city in Crimea, Mikhail Razvozhayev. The attack injured five people working at the headquarters of Russia’s Black Sea Fleet.


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