myTyler: Learn All About Tyler Login Portal 2022

myTyler is the gateway that students of John Tyler Community College use to access campus resources. The portal gives you access to Canvas, the Student Information System, college email, and a variety of other important services, all from a single point of entry that only requires one login. Read more

Instructions on how to log in to myTyler

To log into myTyler,

Proceed to the website at

After entering your username, click the “GO” button.

Type in your password to continue.

Access your dashboard by going to the myTyler login page and clicking the login button.

Viewing the following video will allow you to check your Tyler student email.

How to change your existing password

Navigate to the myTyler login page.

Select the link labeled “I Forgot My Password.”

Next, you will be asked to enter your username or the email address that is connected to your student account.

Click the link that says “Continue” once you have checked the box that says “I’m not a robot.”

You will be given the option to reset your password either through email or text message.

You will be presented with a list of email addresses or mobile devices that have been saved to the database for you to choose from.

You may receive a text message or email with a claim code along with a link to reset your password. The code expires after 24 hours.

Follow the link that will be sent to you once you have received the email or text message, and when required, input the claim code.

You will be required to choose a new password for this account. After a new password has been successfully entered, you will be able to log in.

A tutorial on how to create a MyTyler account

Watching this video will walk you through the process of creating a myTyler account as a new student at Tyler. The information that will be requested from you includes your name, date of birth, and either your student number or your Social Security number.

How to use the Student Information System (SIS) in myTyler to register for classes:

Instructions on how to find your login and password

Once you have completed the online application process for Tyler and entered your information, you will promptly be given a username. Make sure that your username is stored in a secure location. Read More

Use the tool for looking up usernames if you need to find out what your username is. It is important to note that the information you supplied must be identical to what you supplied when you filled out your application to Tyler. This includes using either your entire name or a nickname, depending on which is more relevant for the application you are filling out. Additionally, the system is sensitive to the presence of spaces in names as well as hyphenated names.

Visit the Help Hub to obtain live help if you run into issues and are unable to access your login online.

You just need to remember one password to access all of your accounts at the college that is controlled by myTyler, including the VCCS student email account, Canvas, and the Student Information System. To submit your application for admission, a temporary password will be given to you if you are a new student.

Even if you are not given a temporary password, it is still possible for you to regain your password. When you log in for the first time, you will be asked to quickly reset your password to maintain the highest level of security.

You will be instructed by the system to update your password and choose a security question to answer. Before you will be able to access your accounts, you are going to be required to finish this procedure and set your password.

Tyler’s Help Desk

There are specialists in the field of Tyler that can provide you with the answers you want. Please get in touch with us if you have any inquiries regarding advising, admissions, records, financial assistance, student accounts, or technical support.

Connecting with the offices of Student Support Services or the myTyler help desk on campus by phone, email, or Zoom video conferencing is possible thanks to these services.

The business is open Monday through Friday, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Phone: (804) 476-0401

Questions that are asked repeatedly

What exactly is the Navigate Student system?

Free to use both online and as a mobile app, Navigate Student is designed to be your go-to resource for all things related to Tyler. You may communicate with your faculty advisor through the use of Navigate Student, be informed about the next steps you need to take, organize your calendar for each semester, register for classes, and track your academic progress.

You may access Navigate on your computer by logging into myTyler, or you can download the mobile app for your device from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. Note: Internet Explorer does not support EAB Navigate.

Through the use of Navigate Student, you will be able to register for your classes. After you have constructed your schedule using Planner, you will be able to select the “Register” option to complete the registration process for Tyler when that time comes.

How can I log in to the Navigate Student system?

You may either access it by logging into myTyler and clicking on the Navigate Student button, or you can download the Navigate mobile app to your mobile device (important note: the mobile app does not support some features).

Is it possible for me to schedule a meeting with my academic advisor through Navigate Student?

Yes! The appointment tool in Navigate Student allows you to examine your advisor’s availability and then book a meeting with them at a time that is convenient for both of you. To schedule an appointment, navigate to the tab labeled “Appointment,” then select the icon labeled “Schedule an Appointment.” A reminder will be added to your To-Do list as soon as a new appointment has been scheduled for you.

I was wondering whether I could use Navigate Student to lay out my class schedule.

Yes! You will be able to construct an academic plan with the aid of the Planner tool, which will assist you in visualizing how you will be able to finish your major and map out future semesters. While you are working in Planner, you will be able to view the courses that you have completed, the courses that you are now enrolled in, and the courses that you still need to do.

When registration begins, you will be able to utilize your plan, in conjunction with a calendar that enables you to highlight times when you are engaged in other activities, to construct a timetable that is tailored to your life. To access Navigate Student, a desktop computer is required for the sign-in process; the mobile app does not provide access to the platform.

Will my planner reflect every class that counts toward my major?

If you declare a major at any point during or after the 2019-2020 academic year at your college, the courses associated with that major will be loaded into Planner automatically. If you declare your major before the 2019-2020 academic year, you will not be able to view your courses without actively looking for them. The planner, on the other hand, may still be used. To accomplish this, you must first obtain a list of your remaining classes from SIS, and then construct your schedule while searching for those classes in Planner.

I need to register for my classes, but I’m not sure whether Navigate Student will let me.

Yes! Through the use of Navigate Student, you will be able to register for your classes. After you have constructed your schedule using Planner, you will be able to select the “Register” option to complete the registration process for Tyler when that time comes. Can you assist me in locating materials that I might want using Navigate Student? Yes! From the Navigate Student Homepage that has been assigned to you, you can access a directory of both physical and digital materials that are essential to your success. You can obtain information on the Academic Resource Center (ARC), the libraries, and a great deal more by going there.


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