US-China Ties at a Crossroads

Defense Minister Wei Fenghe stated Sunday that the United States had to repair their relationship with China because they were at a critical point in their history.

Asian security meeting

During an Asian security meeting, he repeatedly stated that China merely wanted peace and stability and was not an aggressor.

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin

On Saturday, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin spoke on China’s rejection of “US smears, accusations, and even threats,” according to China’s Foreign Ministry.

“We ask the United States to cease smearing and tying up China. Keep out of China’s internal issues and stop interfering. Wei, dressed in the garb of a general in the People’s Liberation Army, addressed the Shangri-La Dialogue: “The bilateral relationship cannot develop unless the US side can achieve that.” Read More.


There has been an “alarming” rise in the amount of risky and unprofessional interactions between Chinese planes and vessels and those of other countries, according to Austin, who spoke on the subject on Saturday. Austin stated

US allies will be supported, including Taiwan, he said.

Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has dominated the conversation, Wei has made it clear that China supports peace talks and does not agree with “providing weapons, putting maximum pressure.

US Statement

Where did this problem begin? Who’s the brains behind all of this? Who suffers the greatest losses? There are a lot of winners and losers here. Who is working to make the world a better place, and who is doing the opposite? We all know the answers to these questions, “he remarked, without mentioning them or indicating China’s perspective.

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy of Ukraine

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy of Ukraine delivered a video message to delegates on Saturday, warning them that Ukraine’s invasion jeopardized the rule of law and put the entire world at risk of starvation. Read More

Russian officials

According to Russian officials, Russia’s actions in Ukraine are part of a “special operation” that isn’t intended to take over territory, but rather to weaken the military capabilities of its southern neighbour and catch individuals it views as dangerous nationalists.

China’s attitude on Taiwan

Wei said China’s attitude on Taiwan, which Beijing considers a province, remained unchanged.

“Peaceful reunification” with Taiwan is the goal of the Chinese government, he said, but the government also has “alternative choices.”

China’s reunification

“China’s reunification will undoubtedly come to fruition,” Wei asserted. There will be no positive ending for those who seek Taiwan’s independence in order to split China.

It was pointed out that China has contributed to worldwide efforts to combat Covid-19, and that the country’s attempts to develop the South China Sea had been peaceful.

Countries of all sizes, strength or weakness, he stated. We must treat each other with dignity and respect.”


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